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Whether it is a landscape, cityscape, still life, a portrait or a photomontage, I am continually exploring and learning the medium. I started out as a reportage photographer, moving onto portraits for magazines and design groups. Relocating  to New York I came into contact with many artists working with photography. This further opened my eyes to the potential of working with photography in an expansive way. I embraced alternative photographic techniques, first working with Polaroid transfers, then multiple exposure and montage using  different darkroom techniques. With the arrival of photoshop I was able to articulate many of the ideas I had that were photographically impossible.

Back in England I continued to work on the edges of the medium.

In the past year I have been working with a camera technique of using slow shutter speeds and moving the camera whilst shooting known as intentional camera movement. I have used this technique to explore the emotional connection to the woodlands of South East England 

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