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Ecstasy and the Angels

Ecstasy and the Angels

The sprite Ecstasy dancing for the twin Angels


image ©Geoff Franklin 2017


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La parade des amoureux

La parade des amoureux
la parade des amoureux

Back to hundreds of layers and a thousand actions. This image was very simple to construct, composed of two images. I first made a fine mask for the base layer and laid a rougher mask over it. I then made a couple of hundred actions for each layer of the rough mask and in turn made masks for those layers and cut them back.

I did however, make a simple error that cost me a lot of time. I dont use an autosave on the files but choose at crucial times in the construction to make saves. With all the actions the file size was running into gigabytes so before I saved I dumped many layers that had been used or discarded. With this was one layer that I had spent a couple of hours on and had turned off its visibility as it was going to be used later. I accidentally dumped it, saved the file and when It came time to switch the layer back on I realised my error. Most annoying as it had taken so long and I was really happy with it. I have not made a mistake like that for such a long time as I am always saving off the images. I always make a save as copy as images are like a series of road forks, you can be following a certain path, realise there is a point where the image has deviated from your idea and is not worth pursuing and unpicking an image like this can be almost impossible. I have 34 full image saves on this alone and referred back to an earlier version on two occasions. In all this image took about 10 hours to construct. Some can be quicker, others can stretch into days and weeks.

The final image is 30×22 inch.

©Geoff franklin 2015