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John Jerwood

John Jerwood

I started this portrait of John Jerwood as an experiment in starting points for my work. I have been shooting  a bit of film again recently and wanted to explore the differences using a black and white print as a starting point and bringing colour into the image. I pulled a print out of the library for this, there is a difference between a black and white hand print and converting a colour digital file, even if i were to put it through a program like Silver Efex with its emulsion emulations, it not quite the same.

John Jerwood was a fascinating man, I was commisioned to make his portrait as he was being interviewed, so i was very much responding to his movements whilst he was talking.

When you are in those situations as photographers  to get the most from the situation we have to blend, not to irritate the subject or the writer.

I guess the date for this original pic is about 1990, The session took place in a hotel in Piccadilly in London, I made the pictures quite quickly, he was an easy subject and instead of packing the camera away and disappearing, i sat in on the interview. He was a fascinating man with an interesting life story. He was based in Japan and was a dealer in fine pearls. He talked about how he used the money he had accumulated to set up foundations to benefit the arts. John Jerwood died a while later, but his foundations are still flourishing. I do like the Jerwood Space in London, south of the river close to where i used to live and have visited many shows there.

I made several versions over the past months and settled on this one as I not only liked it as an image but felt it caught the spirit of the man.

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