Geoff Franklin


Ribblehead Viaduct – Yorkshire England

Ribblehead Viaduct - Yorkshire England

The Ribblehead Viaduct : North Yorkshire, England.

This is a place i have always wanted to visit. I love Victorian Railway Architecture and this is a great example of it. Designed by John Sydney Crossley and built in 4 years between 1870 and 1874  with a workforce of 1000 men. It is estimated 100 were killed during the construction.
The bridge, made up of 1.5 million bricks is 400 metres long and 32 metres high, has 24 arches and carries the Settle to Carlisle Railway.
It is also know by its original name the Batty Moss Viaduct. Batty Moss being the name of the area of the Ribble Valley the viaduct crosses.
I came over from the Lake District in Cumbria, where the weather was mild and grey but on arrival on the moor was met with a wall of sweeping cold wind and drizzle. It felt more like early March than late May.  It was only when i got there did I decide that I would go for a dramatic underexposed shot giving the image, with its leaden sky  a black and white feel.

May 2014